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Creating a visual story of your life. Scott works with small businesses to large corporate clients. He creates beautiful portraits and captures natural wedding photographs. A photographer for people who love great photography.

Before I start taking my photographs I like to get to know my subject. I ask questions, talk and watch for a time.
— Scott Ramsey Photographer

Everyone has a story to tell and I believe in capturing this story in photographs. So what is a storytelling photographer? Some call it photojournalism, some call it reportage or documentary photography! To me it's just photography. From when I first picked up a camera I wanted to record the world around me. My career as an editorial photographer allowed me access to real people and life changing events. I had to think quickly and often win people over. Why? To find the story. Its always about the story. There is a story everywhere. All around us but people are too busy to see. The cleaner in your office who works three jobs just to make ends meet. The guy on the bus who has worked in the same job for 30 years, who on weekends is building a boat in his back garden so he can sail the world. The small artisan bakery who produce wonderful bread from the corner shop that you pass by every day. A good photographer is inquisitive and interested in people. Before I start a photography project and create my photographs I like to know about my subject. I ask questions, talk a little and observe. I'm looking for the angle. That something that makes the person do what they do.

The passion and excitement that they have. The unique way they create something. All these things I want to portray in the photographs that build up to create the story. Robert Capa famously said "If your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough." Some believe this means that you need to use a wide angle lens and get in close. Sure this submersive view will help the viewer feel part of the scene that the photographer has taken but there is more to this quote. I believe Capa was also implying that a photographer needs to immerse themselves into the life of the person they are photographing. You need empathy. You need to be able to communicate and enjoy talking to people. Can this be learnt? Maybe. What I do know is that you can have all the camera equipment money can buy, have creativity and a eye for a good photo but only a few photographers can be storytellers.

Am I one of them? I'll let you be the judge, But I know one thing I never stop learning, watching and documenting the world around me. To me this is not a job it's my way of life.


Then once I know my subject I can create my photographs and tell their story.
— Scott Ramsey Photographer


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Sussex Photographer, Scott Ramsey, is a creative photographer who regularly covers photography assignments in Brighton, Portsmouth, London and across the UK. He specialises in CorporatePortrait and Wedding photography and also spends time working on his own personal photography projects. 

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"Living in a small sea side village just outside of Brighton enables me easy access into either Hampshire, Surrey or London to cover photography assignments for my clients. I love to travel, meet new people and take photographs. I have over 20 years experience as a professional photographer and love photographing people and telling a story with my photos."


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